1975 18k Yellow Gold Cartier Dual-Timer Replica Watch

There is really a shortage of cool vintage Cartier Dual-Timer Replica Watch from Cartier (their TV Screen watch may be the exception) so when we find one, we have to show it to you…and this is really a cool one.  We found you an original 1975 Cartier Dual-Timer in yellow gold.  And when we say dual-timer, we really mean it.  This watch has two separate dials and two separate movements.  One side is in champagne, the other in all black…really a cool look.  Like we said, there are two distinct movements in this watch, thus two separate crowns, which gives this watch a complete symmetry.

Cartier is a wonderful fashion brand.  Their jewelry is truly top-notch, and we give them a lot of credit for being one of the only fashion houses to really create any Cartier Dual Timer Replica worth while (Richemont themselves classifies Cartier as a “Jewellery Maison,” not a “Specialist Watchmaker”).  Their Tanks and Roadsters are nothing short of legendary designs, in spite of what some people criticize as “run of the mill” movements.  We don’t care about that, if you buy a Cartier, you buy it for the name and the looks, not the guts.

What is interesting is that the movements in this dual-timer are made by Baume et Mercier, which was later purchased by Cartier 13 years later, of course now are both owned by Richemont.

This watch is in 18k yellow gold, signed Cartier on the face (twice!) and on the outer caseback, while both movements are signed Baume et Mercier as is the inner caseback.  Pretty cool really.  This watch is being offered for $2650, not a terrible price considering how unique this watch is and the fact that it is in 18k gold.

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