50 Rolex Daytona Replica Watch Auctions Christie’s on the 50th Anniversary

Ten years ago he made 50 years the Rolex Daytona Replica Watch. After another ten is time to wish to Daytona. Created in 1963 (not instantly become an icon …) it is now beyond doubt the clock most desired by fans of the house crowned. Therefore, as many had expected, it was presented at Baselworld the Daytona 2013 commemorative model entirely in platinum.

Christie’s has announced that November 10 will be held in Geneva next auction Rolex Daytona Lesson ONE, the first of a series of events dedicated to the famous chronograph. Will go on sale 50 units built between 1963 and 2003.

Here are five selected for you:
1. Prior Series – The Daytona 1963
When it was introduced in 1963, it was a true revolution. It was the first chronograph brand in which the tachometer was not printed on the dial: his numbers distinguished instead the bezel. The auction will devote special attention to the first model. At the time he had not yet been named Rolex Daytona Replica , but simply “Cosmograph”. This series was only built in steel.

Estimate: SFr.40,000-80, 000 / US $ 40 thousand to 80 thousand.
2. Daytona “Arabian Night”
And ‘the top-lot auction. It is a pattern seen in circulation built in 1974 by Sultan Qaboos Bin Said of Oman that goes just below 12 am painted in red his signature. Being the black colored dial was then dubbed “Arabian Night”.

Estimate: SFr.300,000-500,000 / US $ 300,000-500,000.
3. Rolex Daytona “White Rainbow”
The chronograph house symbol Rolex Replica Watches comes with sporty, natural then that most of them were made of stainless steel. Nevertheless over the years the Maison has built several unique pieces and custom in all shades of gold and more or less studded with diamonds. These include the so-called “White Rainbow” which – as its name indicates – on a background of white gold encrusted exhibition of precious stones that recall the colors of the rainbow. And ‘one of the rarest models of the contemporary range Ref. 116.xxx.

Estimate: SFr.50,000-100,000 / US $ 50.000 to 100.000
4. Daytona Paul Newman – John Player Special
Among the specimens at auction Christie’s has selected over a dozen Daytona Paul Newman among steel versions, and 18 k gold. It was so named when the star in the ’70s he used often to be seen with well strapped to the wrist a model with a dial different. Newman was a member of the team that in 1995 (at age 70 played) won a class at the 24 hours from ’66 it takes place on the homonymous circuit in Florida.

Among these we will be auctioned a Ref. 6241 1969 ‘John Player Special’ Daytona Paul Newman in the evocative color gold (14 k) on a black background that is reminiscent of the nostalgic tobacco sponsors of the 70 -80.

Estimate: SFr.80,000-160,000 / US $ 80.000 to 160.000.
5. Ref. 6263 Daytona ‘Jean-Paul Belmondo’
Despite how once told me an old Rolex dealer of Genoa – in the late 70s and early 80s the Daytona does not sell (from the factory) with ease, it has always been one of the objects of status also favorite celebrities .

November 10, 2013 will beat even a Ref. 6263 belonged to the famous French actor Jean-Paul Belmondo and among other things worn on the set of some famous movies including “Peur sur la ville” (Peur sur la ville) shot in 1975 .