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To be clear (and likewise to Drive), this isn’t a unisex offering — something which Cartier ordinarily excels at — like the Tank (celebrating its 100th anniversary this year) or the Ballon Bleu that has a small but important male after. Panthère is to be promoted and targeted just to women, regardless of how little your XY-chromosome wrist may be.Firstly the title, and in Cartier land this huge cat needs no introduction, having become a muse of the maison since 1914. Interestingly, when the watch was first launched in 1983 it was briefly called the ‘Santos D’ (D for Demoiselle), using borrowed stylistics like a square dial, visible screws on the bezel and incorporated lugs that mix in the bracelet strap out of the punchy big brother.Its re-naming as Panthère was, according to Cartier, due to the supple articulated link bracelet mimicking the movement of a panther as it slinks through the jungle, which sounds faintly ridiculous now. However, the necklace in gold, steel or wrapped in diamonds is what this watch is all about, defining it primarily as a piece of jewellery, that also tells the time.Back in the Eighties, Panthère was launched at a time when Cartier was keen to define and capture a new generation of younger client. Two years ago a similar call to action resonated around the jeweller. “It was clear we had a powerful manifesto for girls,” says Arnaud Carrez, Cartier’s international communciations and marketing manager, “and rather than design a new watch it made more sense to re-launch something that has the potential to develop into an icon around again. The watch is bold and sophisticated,” Carrez goes, “but feminine, yet not girly. We view it as the ideal accessory, stacked with all our Love bangles or the Juste un Clou.”

  • So as to fully understand the effect of this type of watch, it’s very important to understand what it was up against in the moment. After the passing of Pierre Cartier Panthere Histoire Replica in 1964, both children and nephew moved to sell the family enterprise. Because of this, the company was split up into three semi-autonomous companies, Cartier New York, Cartier Paris, and Cartier London, with each making different products at different times. This generated an uneven brand approach and allowed for each location to do its own thing. In one particular instance, Cartier New York started selling a gold-plated steel Tank watch for $150 in 1971. This was unheard of in the moment, and greatly devalued the image of the brand in the eyes of several longtime patrons.You need to remember that, at the moment, Cartier was the greatest luxury brand up until the 1970s it had been producing super distinctive, astronomically expensive, and very high quality objets — believe Mystery Clocks, personalized shutter watches, and elaborate cigarette cases. So selling a gold-plated watch was sacrilege, although the watch did quite well commercially. Despite marring the image, the concept of a less expensive watch later led to the Must de Cartier collection in 1977, after Cartier was bought by a group of investors. The group has been the brainchild of Joseph Kanoui (who assembled a group of investors to purchase Cartier, Paris), Alain Dominique Perrin, also Robert Hocq. The collection contained many different shapes and was produced in gold-plated silver, allowing for a more reasonable price point. It was a way of re-branding and appealing to a broader audience (similar to Montblanc and TAG Heuer producing smartwatches today), when quartz movements came into play, it had been all the more accessible.

  • What additional watches are there that can compete with all the Panthère de Cartier Panthere Youtube Replica in stainless steel? A few. The most obvious being the Cartier Tank Francaise.The Tank Francaise is a comparable opinion from the sense it is a square(ish) steel watch with a bracelet from Cartier. And though the aesthetic might be totally different to the trained eye (brushed finish, thicker necklace, rectangular case, etc.), it is clearly in precisely the same family. However, these watches are being marketed to people mostly on aesthetic grounds, and in that respect, there are loads of instances for somebody definitively desiring one or the other. It is worth noting that the medium-sized steel Tank prices $3,750, while the comparable Panthère costs $4,600. So at the end of the day, this one really just boils down to personal style (and $850). Another watch available on the marketplace which could give the Panthère a run for the money is the Rolex Oyster Perpetual in 36mm. The Oyster Perpetual is far wider compared to the Panthère and costs more, at $5,400, but it can still easily fill thae part of a steel everyday watch on a bracelet, albeit in a different way. This watch also brings into play with an automated motion and also the name, both of which can obviously be game-changers for specific customers.A better comparison may be the new 28mm Lady-Datejust in steel, that has been re-introduced this season at Baselworld in three new variants. The steel version with a pink dial and Roman numerals may get closer into the delicate femininity of the Panthère, though, again, this can be a far cry from Cartier’s particular aesthetic. Retailing for $6,300, it’s also in a higher price bracket.

  • I’ve a confession to make. After whining about how women’s watches are too little and insisting that 36mm is the perfect size lookout for any girl, I, Cara Barrett, have rediscovered my love for smaller watches. But that is how style and fashion work — ebbs and flows, and all that. Watches aren’t any exception. So far as this new interest in smaller sequences is concerned, there is 1 offender to blame, which is the new Panthère de Cartier.Back in January, we saw Cartier re-release its iconic (and I really mean that) Panthère de Cartier. This is a watch that has been first released throughout the Must de Cartier days when it was promoted to a glamorous 1980s clientele, and it’s been a timeless every since. As soon as I watched this new version, I realized the watch immediately and I knew I needed to get one on to my wrist to get a review as quickly as possible.Unlike the Tank, the Panthère is not quite a household name. First introduced in 1983 through the heyday of opulence, the Panthère was praised for its slick design, concealed clasp, and connected bracelet. It quickly became a massive hit among the who’s who, men and women alike, with stars such as Pierce Brosnan and Keith Richards amongst the noted wearers (I’ll never love the picture of Brosnan under). During a period when Studio 54 was the most popular nightclub in the city and glamor was everything, it is not surprising that this opinion was a hit.

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    Brand Cartier
    Model Panthère
    Ref. No. 1070
    Chrono24-ID 4p22v8
    Code 6448
    Movement Quartz
    Case material Yellow gold
    Condition 2 (fine)
    Gender Ladies’ watch
    Location United Kingdom, Sutton
    Price £3,795 (= $5,326)
    Availability Ready to ship in 3-5 days


    Movement Quartz


    Case material Yellow gold
    Case diameter 22 mm
    Waterproof 3 ATM
    Dial Champagne


    Bracelet color Gold
    Bracelet length 155 mm

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    This is a pre-owned Cartier Panthere 1070. It has a 22mm 18ct gold case, a cream dial, a 15.5cm 18ct gold bracelet and is powered by a quartz movement.

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