Classic design rolex submariner vintage replica watch equal to outdated ?

Many people tend to go for the rolex submariner vintage replica watch innovations these days. They expect something new, something unique. Many brands meet the expectations of the customers by creating newer and newer watches in terms of its design to amaze. It’s good in some cases, because watches are not just time pointers any longer – they are work of art. But it brings some issues, because these watches with fresh, stylish design will look outdated in a short time, where brand like for example Rolex, VC, PP with timeless design of their watches don’t have to work on changing look of their watches constantly, they generally don’t change so much in a very long time – they are great by itself. It shows attachment to the brand’s history and distinguishes these brands in comparison with the other brands.
I can hear more often things like : “That rolex vintage watch replica is so outdated because of its watches design”, “The (…) brand has more fresh design than the (…) brand of their watches”. Maybe it’s true for someone. But I think conversely.
The other thing is that many people confuse the words “timeless”, “classic” with “being for old people”. It seriously annoys me. I always say that watches are like rolex replica watches, as older it gets, the better it is. The last point is that Rolex brand immortalized the most discernible patterns of watches in the world. Many of watches are stylized to look like Rolex watches. It clearly shows that classic design won’t be outdated, it just depends on the maturity of the users.