Experience Rolex submariner date watch replica

When I When logged in myself for the forum I was eigenlij looking for a replica of the Rolex submariner date watch replica, determined at registration this is my first replica watch had to be, I began sifting through the forum and all the articles about watches and different types of watches by to walk. I myself have never stopped at the fact that I wanted to purchase a Rolex. After several reviews on this site from the Roles Submariner V5 however, I was immediately sold. The classic design with a new look immediately appealed to me and I could not really think of the Breitling Avenger Seawolf (though I still think this is a nice clock).


Here I will post the experience of the Rolex submariner watch replica which I ordered.

I must admit that I find it difficult to make a review because I just do not have as much knowledge of watches as many people here on the forum, but I’m going to try it anyway :).

Review / experience.

After briefly doubt I ordered the Rolex Sub V5 here and to my great surprise he was inside four days bi me home (? !!?).


Yesterday the watch came packaged with plastic and foam everywhere so it could not hurt. I was quite tense because I’ve never worked with a replica and have only Gene’s Breitling. When I got hold of the watch did this to me like I have a GEN in hand. It could well be that this is because I am a total newbie watch but good. Everything looked nice and shiny materials made me think that I had owned an expensive Rolex. The band is as good as the self as a GEN rolex least from what I have seen of the many video reviews I’ve seen on this model. Furthermore, all the details seem present in this version. I’m sure the experts the model can distinguish from the real thing, but I absolutely do not.

The first thing you want to do if you receive such a beautiful clock is put on him, of course, but the band was too big, it was of course to be expected. Unfortunately I had no suitable screwdriver to remove the links out. I wanted to do it very carefully without damaging the watch so a screwdriver that just did not fit, I did not use. Just drove past some friends and one of them had a happy set of screwdrivers that I could use to adjust the band. Result it fits perfectly.

At first I wanted to sell but the Rolex watch replica version, it was everywhere, when I have decided to take the Date version, I have no regrets. He’s lovely, Lume is beautiful and the wearing comfort is really delicious, I dared not think this going because I still had something of replica …. I seem totally to have seated next and to be honest I can almost do not wait to order my next clock.

Here are some photos taken with an iPhone 6 by someone who wanted to do it too fast.