Hands-On With The Black ADLC Calibre De Cartier Diver Replica Watch

The new Calibre De Cartier Diver Replica Watch  comes with both steel and rose gold accents. Pricing is $9,450 for steel and $11,900 for rose gold/steel – just above the current Calibre Diver, which sits at $8,200 on a rubber strap.

At the 2014 SIHH, Cartier shocked most of us watch geeks by showing a piece that no one would’ve expected – a dive watch. And not just any dive watch, but a really strong diver, which was even calibre de cartier diver adlc replica watch certified. This year, Cartier showed a modest update to the Calibre de Cartier Diver that gives it a whole new look – it’s now available in black.

The Calibre de Cartier Diver is a really well balanced watch, and with black rotating bezel off-setting the dial that mimics the Chronograph. What is so nice about this watch is the overall thinness and great wearability on the wrist – it is surprisingly thin and refined.

There are no technical differences with the new ADLC-coated diver, and while the look is certainly very similar to the original, the sleek black nature of the case adds a bit of stealth to this Cartier replica watch. The case back on this watch remains closed, just as it should be on a diver.