How to choose a best replica watch online ?

I’m not talking about the fake watches, that are flooding the market and show that people want at all costs to feel someone wearing them, but more on that I will shortly mention in the entry about fake watches. Watches should be fitted to the style of life, the nature of each individual. Elegant best replica watch online  would look a little funny at the hands of an athlete, a runner.

Watch in these days has become something like a gadget that can replace the jewelry. Watches are no longer just the instruments to show time. On the other hand watches are a measure of the prestige.
Expensive, branded watches show the high class and the pride of their respective owners.

Watches are mainly divided due to the destination:

  • Sports – watches for people living actively. Sports watches are waterproof, resistant to most of the possible impacts. These watches are often made from high quality steel, titanium.
  • Universal – my favorite type of watches. You can wear them in most cases, because of its practicality. These watches match to the most of the occasions and they are also durable.
  • Elegant – as the name suggests, these watches apply during important ceremonies, receptions, business meetings, etc.. However watches with a large cases, set with diamonds should not impose on the ordinary business meetings, they are prestigious watches, which are applied to the banquets to show the high style and class.

The most important aspect in choosing a watch is the choice of the heart – the mechanism that will be responsible for the live of all watch functions. Mechanisms are divided into:

  • Mechanical – powered by a spring shoot through the crown of the watch. These are some of the more expensive mechanisms. They are less accurate than quartz mechanisms. Characteristic feature of these mechanisms is the phase movement of the second hand.
  • Automatic – powered by a spring mechanism that drives the balance during the movement of the watch. With a sudden movement of the watch, we can hear the noise caused by the movement of the balance. The movement of the second hand is also characteristic to the watches with this type of the mechanisms.
  • Quartz – is the most accurate of all the given mechanism, characterized by a low price. It is supplied with power from the battery.

The next issue is the choice of the watch attachment to our wrist. On the market there are straps or bracelets:

  • Bracelets – here is quite a nice variety of materials, but the most popular of them is simply steel or steel coated in gold, rose gold, etc.. because of its price. Other materials are aluminum, 18k gold, platinum, titanium, however, the price of watches made from 18k gold or platinum reaches tens of thousands of dollars. An increasingly recognition ceramic bracelet is taking because of its durability and weight.
  • Straps – the main material of straps in watches in the normal price is leather or rubber. The watch more prestigious, expensive uses skins of various animals, which also cost more. Then, we have a choice of crocodile leather, ostrich leather, snake , lizard and shark skin.

An important element that protects our watch is glass . The cheapest material is just a mineral glass which is less resistant to scratches and other damages, but the manufacturers are trying to constantly improve its quality. The second glass type to choose is a sapphire crystal that is the most resistant. Its hardness ranges from 8-9, where diamond hardness is 10. Sapphire glass are found in watches from $300.

Apart from telling time, watches have various functions such as alarm, tachymeter, the scale of the dive, chronograph, timer, power reserve indicator, helium valve function GMT like. By selecting a watch we have to decide which of the above functions will be useful in daily use. For example, for globetrotters helpful solution will be the watch with adjustable time for two time zones.

Another aspect is the choice of the case. Nowadays there is fashion for the best replica watches with large cases, but we should choose according to the size of our wrist, because a large envelope will be hard and uncomfortable to wear on thin the wrist. The basic shape of the watch is oval – a classic. Square watches are considered to be quite intricate, but no less prestigious.