low price Cartier Roadster Automatic Roulette Black 36mm W62002V3 Stainless Watch 2510

Further, individuals who uncover the first Roadster watch to turn into little odd in design will love the Roadster S. It retains the identical shape, though another personality. I’m inclined to think about it’s a great “starter Cartier.” It will not the simple to go to from greater-finish Cartier for your Roadster S, nevertheless the contrary situation in readily attainable. Nonetheless, the watch is a simple, yet highly pleasing watch for your enormous the majority of see customers.The Roadster S handles to get rid of the intricate azure really with magnifier lens that’s visually part of the crown setup. What’s more, it eliminates the screws obviously in the watch with the a more difficult situation construction. Some Cartier watches have blue crown cabochon deposits, the Roadster line doesn’t. They have tried rid of it, despite the fact that I don’t typically similar to this watch contour, I actually enjoy the Roadster. Cartier sights the Roadster S being big. I will put it within the medium class though. As everything is about 46mm wide, that is because of the huge crown and bulge in the core of the problem. As you’ve seen the Roadster S is not a big watch. Climax really comfortable. A smaller sum thick, the curved position sits across the wrist with no fuss. It calms your arm also, and doesn’t slip around (no less than that really is this isn’t about the rubber strap version). Searching near the situation you will realize the whole factor is curved, the azure very (marginally). The steel situation enjoys a top excellent polish on componen with Cartier’s status. Many individuals who uncover the first Roadster see a little strange popular will most likely discover the Roadster S simpler across the eye. Although I have to admit the conventional Roadster can be a fashion that evolves you.

  • It is possible to get rid of the straps (or bracelet) without any tools within the situation. This is a great touch, as well as the machine relating to the watch works well. Really, the strap release mechanism was produced and improved by IWC, the system used here’ think. IWC can be a sister Richemont Group watch brand along with Cartier, and IWC accredited fraxel remedies to Cartier. I incorporated a enjoyable closeup image from the strap discharge mechanism.The strap is ok, nevertheless the clasp is when the matter is. To begin with, the apparatus of tucking in strap excess to cover it’s great theoretically.Nonetheless it relies on a basic tension system here with no cent actually obtaining it. This signifies is the strap will discharge as time moves, or maybe attracted on. Forcing one to definitely certainly “twist” it.Straps tuck in on sides in the clasp to ensure you’re in a position to squeeze grip in the end from the wrist. Wearing the opinion, I came around that we had to each so often adjust it for just about any fantastic fit. It’s simple enough to accomplish, however is not a perfect system for pretty much any luxury watch. This isn’t an issue obviously getting metallic bracelet, but no less than while using strap you are able to pay to your more exact fit. Then, the extra rubber strap creeps from underneath the strap.

  • Total the dial on the Roadster S is very similar to that about the Roadster. I love that Cartier uses a black colored disc for the date with a silver colours font. Super classy. The watch hands are easy and legible, with applied SuperLumiNova.Inside that the watch is Cartier’s automatic Calibre 049 – that I believe is a foundation ETA 2892 movement. A good movement that works fine, but isn’t anything fancy. It’s a good movement to get in a sport watch given its relative amount of durability. While this is no action-adventure watch, with its lighter weight, 100 meters of water resistance, and secure fit on the wrist, you can easily be “busy” with all the watch without having it disturb you overly much. Although I tend not to advocate people do wild things in nice watches.I do not have many difficulties with the opinion, but I have a few quips concerning the rubber strap. 1 thing I do enjoy is Cartier’s usage of fast release on the situation for the straps. You can easily get rid of the straps (or bracelet) with no tools in the circumstance. That is a good touch, and the machine on this watch works nicely. Actually, the strap launch mechanism was developed and patented by IWC, that’s the system used here I believe. I included a wonderful closeup image of this strap launch mechanism. The strap is nice, but the clasp is where the issue is. To begin with, the machine of tucking in strap surplus to hide it is great in theory. Nevertheless it uses a basic tension system here without a actually securing it.

  • Cartier no longer gives the speedometer dial and has chosen for the traditional Cartier design with roman numerals, and have added a chronograph with an in-house movement to the line. They have also included the Roadster S, which is an abbreviated design of the first with a great patterned rubber strap. At its zenith the lineup inspired a perfume of the same title with the exact same crown layout utilized for the perfume cap.They have trimmed down the line to a few variations, and there are rumors of it being stopped, but in any adaptation this watch is not just my grail watch it is totally swell.When in regards to active luxury, the well-established luxury Cartier brand automatically gets a lot of respect. Just the mere actuality that the name ‘Cartier’ is associated with it makes the Cartier Men’s W62019X6 Roadster Automatic Chronograph Watch an instant contender in the world of busy luxury watches. When there is any 1 firm that will skillfully bridge the worlds of activity, adventure, exploration, luxury, and civilization, it would need to be the fabled Cartier business. Thankfully, using all the Cartier Men’s W62019X6 Roadster Automatic Chronograph Watch, Cartier doesn’t disappoint.Cartier certainly puts in a critical attempt with this model in its quest to deliver on the key factors buyers of this class of watch anticipate: the right style, movement type, and value-added special capabilities. Cartier does this in a way just Cartier can. While not exactly a perfect specimen of the best in its class, the Cartier Men’s W62019X6 Roadster Automatic Chronograph Watch brings sufficient worth to the table it would be an easy choice for anybody who wants a balanced look between a luxury indoor watch and an adventurous active lifestyle watch. This watch not only delivers on the promise of an energetic appearance but does so using all the panache and style you’d expect from such a well-respected brand as Cartier.

  • I imagine many people were thrown by the black rubber strap (not just typical Cartier personality), but it should have been clear what I had been wearing. If anything, I felt as though I had been adorning a Las Vegas approved timepiece – key to ensuring you are properly obtained by tip hopeful helpers. You do not always want “stealth wealth,” and on the “detect my nice watch list” must stay a Cartier. Cartier does not load the Roadster S with many openings, but it doesn’t overlook either.Price for the Cartier Roadster S is $4,200 as noticed on a rubber band, and $4,600 on a steel strap. You can even buy them direct from Cartier via their e-boutique online.This might not be a brand new and fascinating timepiece for everybody, but for me it’s an all-time favorite, that I’ve yet to write about. The Cartier Roadster had been a “Holy Grail” lookout for me for quite a long time. You know the type, that piece that you’d want to acquire using any means necessary, but has always been just out of reach. Rest assured my crusade was not in vain, I have made my conquest and this view rests in my personal collection. I didn’t consider this to be a grail watch due to some technical art, or radical complication, the feeling was purely about style and design. Being the auto aficionado that I’m, when I first laid eyes on this watch and understood its own nuances, I was captivated. I was aware I would need to have this item of beauty. It was unmistakably the most intriguing watch that I had seen.Released at 2001 The roadster was a pretty big departure in design for Cartier, although they have always been famous for daring and eye-grabbing pieces. Noticeably missing from this bit were the traditional roman numerals that the Cartier micro script along with the Cartier emblem, these features are not found anywhere with this watch. The Roadster’s design pays homage to the beautiful sports cars in the 50s and 60s with some very particular, but maybe not clear styling cues:

  • In fact, considering the styling, special features, and Cartier manufacturer, this unit can arguably be known as a great bargain. Not only can it be a great job of communicating luxury and sporty ruggedness, it also comes with all the quality guarantees you would expect only from an international luxury brand such as Cartier.I’ve been starting to try and branch out towards watches witha non-round shape. I have owned a couple of rectangular watches, like a Longines Dolce Vita and other people here and there, but I really wanted to try a Tonneau shaped watch, aside from the knock-offs which folks give you as presents when they see China. I started first with a Franck Muller Casablanca, which I enjoyed, but it was a bit too sterile and basic looking for me I believe, considering that I had been used to the complex busy dials of Breitling.Then I saw that the Roadster again… Its an opinion I always admired and really liked the design of, and with my tastes maturing and the necessity to have something somewhat more understated for company, the Roadster seemed perfect. Nevertheless a recognizable icon at the watch business, with a little more individuality than a Rolex. So I snapped one up.The Roadster is a very well made watch, using a three-peice case. Tonneau shaped but somewhat shorter than a Franck Muller from lug to lug. The Large Mens size version I purchased is 38mm x 43mm, not including the crown. It wears very near a typical 40mm Rolex. The versions that I picked up as the oldeer style dial, but still looks great in my view. All the images were shot with my new Sony A200 camera using the Kit lens.

  • Total the dial on the Roadster S Is Quite similar to that on the Roadster. There is a new outline on the ring of where the bullet shaped magnifier lens was to retain that shape. I love that Cartier uses a black colored disc for the date with a silver colours font. Super classy. A good movement that works fine, but is not anything fancy. It’s a great movement to get in a game watch given its relative level of durability. Even though this is no action-adventure view, with its lighter weight, 100 meters of water resistance, and safe fit on the wrist, so you could easily be “active” with the watch and not have it impede you overly much. Although I have a tendency not to advocate people do crazy things in fine watches.I don’t have many issues with the watch, but I have a few quips about the rubber strap. One thing that I do enjoy is Cartier’s use of fast release on the case for those straps. It is possible to easily get rid of the straps (or bracelet) with no tools in the circumstance. That is a good touch, and the system on this watch works nicely. In fact, the strap launch mechanism has been designed and patented by IWC, which is the system used here I think. I included a wonderful closeup image of this strap release mechanism. The strap is nice, but the grip is where the issue is. First, the system of tucking in strap surplus to conceal it is good in theory. Nevertheless it uses a fundamental tension system here without a really securing it. This means is that the strap will loosen over time, or if pulled. Forcing you to “tighten” it.

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    Basic Info

    Brand Cartier
    Model Roadster
    Ref. No. W62002V3
    Chrono24-ID 4s9ee8
    Code 263475536385
    Movement Automatic
    Case material Steel
    Bracelet material Steel
    Condition 2 (fine)
    Gender Men’s watch/Unisex
    Location United States of America, New York, Massapequa Park
    Price $2,994
    Availability Available now


    Movement Automatic


    Case material Steel
    Case diameter 36 mm
    Material bezel Steel
    Glass Sapphire Glass
    Dial numerals Arabic numerals


    Bracelet material Steel
    Bracelet color Silver
    Bracelet length 191 mm
    Clasp Fold clasp




    Luminescent Hands, Chronometer, Screw-Down Crown

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    Cartier (Guaranteed Authentic)
    Model Roadster
    Reference Number
    W62002V3 / 2510
    Serial Number 20*CE
    Gender Unisex (Men’s / Women’s)
    Metal Stainless Steel
    Case Size 36.00mm
    Wrist Size This watch will currently comfortably fit the average male wrist up to 7.50 inches. Please message us prior to purchasing this item if the removal or the purchase of additional links is necessary.
    Movement Original Cartier Swiss Automatic Movement with a quickset date function
    Crystal Original Cartier Scratch-Resistant Sapphire Crystal
    Dial Original Cartier Black ‘Roulette’ Arabic Numeral Dial with the date at the 3 o’clock
    Bezel Original Cartier Stainless Steel Smooth Bezel
    Band Original Cartier Stainless Steel Bracelet with a Dual Deployment Clasp
    Yes, this item includes an elegant cushioned hardwood presentation watch case with an outer box. (Pictured)
    Papers Yes, this item will include a Collectors Coins & Jewelry certificate of appraisal and authenticity as per buyer request.
    Era Modern
    Condition This item is in MINT condition; it has recently been professionally inspected, time-tested, pressure-tested and polished. Please review the images provided.
    One-Year Warranty ($400 Value – Included with your purchase). Collectors Coins & Jewelry warrants the dependable functioning of this entire watch for the period of one year from the date of purchase. This warranty does not cover normal wear and tear, loss, theft, tampering, mistreatment or modification through the addition or subtraction of parts or accessories not supplied by Collectors Coins & Jewelry. In the event of a malfunction arising within the warranty period, we will remedy the defect at no cost to the consumer, once the consumer delivers the watch to our office location in Massapequa Park, NY address listed to the right of this page. This warranty will be valid only if the consumer holds a certificate of authenticity from Collectors Coins & Jewelry of Massapequa Park or has another form of proof of purchase.

    Retail Price $6,900.00 USD
    Discount 57%
    Our Price $2,993.92 USD

    Additional Info This item will be professionally packaged with everything you see pictured, please message us prior to purchasing this item if gift wrapping is necessary. Also please message us with any other questions or concerns you may have for the quickest response.