39mm Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon Replica Watch

But, SIHH 2012 changed that.  In fact, there were Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Ultra Thin Tourbillon Replica Watch  that really caught our eye, and not a single one of them features a perpetual calendar, a chronograph, or hell, even a date window (ok – a power reserve indication is present here and there but does that really count as a complication?).  And, all four of them fall into the size range of 39mm-42mm (actually, one is 39mm, one is 40mm, one is 41mm, and the final is 42mm – so you can pick your millimeters). So, if you’re like us and have never really thought yourself a tourbillon guy, click through and take a look at these four understated, chic, and almost timid time-only tourbillons from SIHH 2012.


One theme we noticed while in Geneva was the introduction of a type of watch that is a juxtaposition upon itself – a refined, elegant, time-only tourbillon of reasonable size – or a “timid time-only tourbillon.”  Tourbillons are rarely of interest to people that truly understand wristwatches.  The are, most of the time, kind of silly and a horological “peacocking” of sorts (of course there are notable exceptions, such as those incredible purpose-driven tourbillons from the likes of Greubel Forsey, Thomas Prescher, Richard Mille, and Jaeger-LeCoultre, plus the traditional tourbs from Patek Philippe, Laurent Ferrier, Vacheron Constantin, and A. Lange & Sohne.)  In fact, there are few modern tourbillons that most watch guys would make the effort to save up for, purchase, and wear.

This Jaeger was actually one of my favorite jaeger lecoultre master ultra thin replica  of SIHH.  It is a simple Master Ultra Thin case (same as used in last year’s awesome 39mm moonphase) and is the only of the four toubillons we are showing here that is automatic.  It is also the least expensive of the four time-only tourbillons at around 50,000 euro.  This Jaeger just looks absolutely brilliant on the wrist, and jaeger lecoultre replica watches  a small size and automatic winding, this is one extremely wearable tourbillon.  For more details, click here.