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Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mystérieuse

It all began in 1912, Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mystérieuse Replica Watch the creation of the first mystery clocks, “miracles of watchmaking”, the newspapers said, marvelling at clocks whose hands seemed to float in rock crystal, totally unrelated to the movement. The story continues through two timepiece collections, from mystery to fantasy, allegories of an exquisite time when forms went into freestyle; an unpredictable time when watches went from jewel to brooch; a mysterious time when the tourbillon escapement in the Rotonde watch was displayed in utter transparency, as though suspended weightless on the face.

Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Mystérieuse

Where is the mechanism’ What is the trick that makes the hands go round’ Where is time hidden’ Is it a ring’ A watch’ The answer is in the question, hidden beyond the technical skill, the creative mastery, the desire to bring illusion and duality into the magnetic field of watchmaking. Miracle’ Magic’ For Cartier hours, time is much more than it seems, a mystery here, a fantasy there. The questions are in the surprise.At Cartier, time dreams, appears and vanishes, a material in its own right to be transformed. Time is hypnotic, a pretext for the creation of incredible timepieces.

From the goldsmith to the Cartier Rotonde De Cartier Replica , the lapidary to the watchmaker and the engraver to the jeweller, a chain of craftsmen linked by the kind of excellence that commands a tortoise whose gemstone shell shields the hours, or has a diamond-studded phoenix oscillate in rhythm with the ticking of the watch.It was a jewellery and watchmaking challenge involving such technical complexity and such a host of professions – 150 in all – that only the utmost expertise would do.

Nothing seems impossible, like the inventiveness of imagining starstruck mystery clocks, two timepiece UFOs in obsidian or agate marquetry that renew the genre, refreshing the fascination for an enigmatic time to which Cartier holds the secret, as Jean Cocteau was inspired to say: “Cartier, subtle magician that holds the pieces of a moon on the thread of a sun.

This year, Cartier presents two new watchmaking complications that push the frontiers of the mysterious yet further, continuing the founding tradition of the cartier replica watches. The first mysteriously displays the hour and minutes with two hands that seem to float magically in space. Inspired by the concept of transparency and hidden complexity, the watchmakers of the Cartier Manufacture confronted the challenge of bringing enthusiasts two new creations with clean lines that seem to glorify time with incredible lightness. The second focuses the attention on a mysterious double tourbillon whose floating cage performs a delicate and spellbinding dance.