A Rolex Submariner Replica Watch For Under $3000?

We had the chance to peruse what will be available during Rolex Submariner Replica Watch shotgun sale and we have to say, we’re impressed.  We’re talking Datejusts, Santos, Yacht Masters, and even a Submariner.  The Submariner, which is the one that really caught our eye is listed at $3700, a great price for a modern day classic.  But remember, if you use the “” coupon code, you get an additional 20% off that price, which means you’ll be buying a Rolex Submariner for $2960.  And as with everything that sells, it is guaranteed authentic and certified by the largest watch shop in the world.

Rolex Submariner Replica Available on for $2960 with coupon Our good friends over have done it again.  They are putting on a special 5 hour sale of Rolex and Cartier watches where prices will be around 70% below retail.  That in itself is worthy of note, but for readers only, they are offering an addition 20% off.  You read that right, an additional 20% off the already reduced prices of Rolex and Cartier watches.

The sale begins today at 12 noon EST and runs for only five hours.  Supplies are very limited and at these prices we can promise you they’ll go quickly, so we advise getting that credit card ready if you’re looking for a Rolex replica watch.