Rose gold rotonde de cartier perpetual calendar chronograph watch replica

As we’ve told you before, Cartier is making a concerted and highly credible push into the realm of high-end watchmaking, and over the past few years, has become a true force.  Today, we are happy to announce an entirely new watch for Cartier, the rotonde de cartier perpetual calendar chronograph watch replica.


It’s the day before Christmas, and that means one and one thing only – rotonde de cartier perpetual calendar watch replica  is less than one month away!  Ok fine, it means more than that, but today we thought we’d tune you into a pre-SIHH release from the good folks at Cartier Fine Watchmaking, because, it’s kinda big news.

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Sized at 42mm and available in both rose and white gold, this new introduction combines two of our favorite complications, both incredibly useful and mechanically interesting – a true perpetual calendar and a high-end chronograph.  The perpetual chronograph is also a favorite among collectors, and there is something inherently interesting about a watch that tracks the shortest of times (with a chronograph) to a generation (with a perpetual calendar).  But what makes the Rotonde de Cartier Perpetual Calendar Chronograph so interesting is the fact that both complications are entirely, 100%, no ifs-ands-or-butts, made by Cartier – including the chronograph.

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So the Cartier calibre 9423 MC is an entirely new movement, though the QP aspect has been seen on currently available models.  But the chronograph, on the other hand, has never been seen before.  What we can say is that the chronograph is based on the soon-to-launch in-house self-winding Cartier chronograph called the 1904-CH MC.  It features two barrels, an in-line flexible lever that reduces stress on the bearings of the hand shafts when resetting, a column-wheel with vertical clutch to ensure a fluid start and stop, and though this movement will indeed be available in the standard collection (outside the High Watchmaking line – to be seen on HODINKEE very soon!) this particular implementation of the new Cartier chronograph is finished to the absolute nines, with a skeletonized rotor and all.

Screen shot 2012-12-24 at 9.19.57 AM.png

So, when you combine this new Cartier chronograph with existing perpetual calendar, you have a new movement with 44 jewels, 445 individual components, and a power reserve of 48 hours.  This new combination for Cartier will make a lot of people happy, and at 42mm, sits right in the comfort zone of both the big watch guys, and the more traditional folks.

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Pricing on these watches should be around 60,000 euro in rose gold, and 64,200 euro in white gold, those these are absolutely not set in stone.

The mens cartier watch replica  is a great step for Cartier that will surely do quite well, and we’ll show you more live pics very soon (though we do already have a few).