Introducing The cartier rotonde de cartier annual calendar 40mm replica watch

The Rotonde Annual Calendar Cartier measures in at a diameter of 40mm, which with curved lugs, should provide a fair compromise on any wrist. It should be noted that this watch has existed for a few years in 45mm, and this downsizing is incredibly welcomed. cartier rotonde de cartier annual calendar 40mm replica watch  is a lot happening on the surface. This is due to an unusual day-display in the form of a sunken dial. The days of the week are visible through cutout portions of the top dial. The inner, circumscribed dial tells the time in numerals between I and XI. At 12 o’clock, two independent numerals offer a sizable date display. Hopefully, you’ll only need to adjust the date once a year (February 28th/29th) as is intended with an annual calendar watch.

If you’ve been keeping up with us, you know that Cartier has been doing wonderful things and has us excited for SIHH 2015. Its recent column wheel chronograph featured both mechanical ingenuity as well as that little added benefit of in-house manufacture – two things that Cartier has been leading in recently. Even its recent reissue of the Cartier Crash was a significant artistic and technical milestone in reimagining such an iconic piece. For these reasons, its release of the rotonde de cartier annual calendar watch replica  in 40 mm comes as no surprise. This latest offering brings two enjoyable innovations. The first is a hammer shaped hand to indicate the day on a sunken day-dial, and the second is quick-set date for all the calendar functions through rapid rotating of the crown.

Cartier didn’t skimp on decoration. The centerpiece is carved as guilloché in sunburst-form, and interestingly enough, doesn’t contradict the contours of the month disc and maison nameplate. The numerals-dial has a circular sating finish, with 7 o’clock inscribed with “Cartier” as part of its “V”. The red, hammer-shaped hand rotonde de cartier replica  about the sunken day-dial and indicates the day. There are no seconds, but that’s good because the dial is informative enough and, more importantly, the watch tells time on a macro level.

Reading the day may take a tad getting used to, but the learning curve shouldn’t be too steep given the fun and ingenuity behind the red-hammer concept. Legibility on the watch should be a breeze regardless of the amount of decoration on the dial thanks to the balance between cartier replica watch and satin finishes. Cartier numerals have always been bold, and the blued, sword-shaped hands only add clarity. So, while it may seem busy at first glance, the dial is well balanced and legible.

Visible through a sapphire case back on the Rotonde de Cartier Annual Calendar beats the automatic manufacture caliber 9908 MC. It is decorated with Geneva stripes and a perlaged mainplate, and it vibrates at 4Hz for about 48 hours. Again, the highlight of this movement is the quickset mechanism of the crown that allows setting of all indicators via rapid rotation.

The Rotonde de Cartier Annual Calendar is another solid offering within a developing series of pieces that have been met with positive expectations, and that continue to set the bar higher yet again for Cartier. The piece will be available in 18 carat white or rose gold. Pricing has yet to be announced, though with the 45mm piece in the low 40s, we’d expect pricing to be similar.