Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller Replica Watch Online

The Rolex Double Red Sea Dweller Replica Watch is one of the most sought after vintage sport watches out there.  Add a retailer’s signature to it, and you’ve got a gem.  Up for sale in this Thursday’s Antiquorum auction is the Rolex you see to the right.  It is indeed a Double-Red Sea Dweller, but you can also see that it is signed by famed French retailer Cartier.  What is interesting about this particular watch is that while Rolex was sold within the walls of Tiffany’s regularly (example), it is much more rare to find a vintage Rolex from their neighbor a few blocks down on 5th ave.

We spoke yesterday of the appeal that “Red” Rolexes have to collectors.  They are far more rare than their hue-less brothers and because of that they demand a hefty premium.  While it was our goal to call attention to a relatively affordable “red” Rolex yesterday, today we have quite the opposite goal.  We are looking for something that is a knock-down, drag out, bad ass red Rolex where price is no concern.  Mission accomplished.

So this Sea Dweller has the rolex sea dweller replica watches name written directly above the two lines of red text, AND it has the original Cartier inventory engraved on the backside of the case (pic below), making this watch even easier to identify and thus more valuable.

Pre-sale estimates of this great 1967 Sea Dweller range from $25,000 to $45,000, but those numbers could easily be broken if you get a few willing and able buyers in the same room.  We’ll be sure to let you know what it ends up selling for as we’ll be watching this week’s auction carefully.

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