Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Yellow Gold Replica Watch

An Oyster Perpetual Date and a rolex oyster perpetual date replica are two different beasts entirely, but the watch we’ve tracked down today is an original Rolex and is signed by Cartier, making it one that you simply don’t see often.  This 14K gold Rolex features a smooth bezel and original Cartier stamped dial, which dates to the early 1960s.


As you know by now, watches that are signed with a retailer’s name on the dial are considered more valuable than those that are not.  For example, we’ve explained how. signed Rolex’s are worth more than unsigned versions of the exact same watch.

signed dials are somewhat common, and to a lesser degree, so are dials from Venezuelan retailer Serpico Y Laino and Cuban retailer Cuervo Y Sobrinos.  However, a Rolex signed by Cartier is quite rare and quite valuable.  In fact, the only Cartier signed Rolex we’ve found prior to today was a Double Red Sea Dweller that ended up selling for over $91,000.

You can own this rare double-signed Rolex Replica watch for $4650, which is high for this model, but considering how rare the Cartier signature is, we’re sure someone will happily pay it.  Click here for details.