The Rotonde De Cartier Astroregulateur Replica Watch, Take It.

The Rotonde De Cartier Astroregulateur Replica Watch (in English) is just one more step the brand is taking towards putting Cartier on the horological map. A journey that began not long ago with the Calibre De Cartier has quickly evolved into the creation of an entirely original escapement design seen here.

Last month Cartier presented a prototype dubbed the Rotonde De Cartier Replica at SIHH, boasting a viable alternative to the tourbillon escapement in dapper style.

Not letting real-estate on the exposed micro-rotor go to waste, Cartier has affixed a “pendular” seconds hand to the center of the bridge. Being pendular, the seconds hand rotates in sync with the rotor, all the while ticking away round its folded over seconds track. This is made possible thanks to a double-differential residing in the rotating mass, a complex mechanism with four patents pending.

If you’re having a hard time visualizing all this, Cartier Replica Watch has provided a video illustrating the movement in great detail: