The Cartier Dice Watch Yellow Gold Replica: The Coolest Timepiece A Woman Can Own

This Cartier Dice Watch Yellow Gold Replica  comes on a leather strap and Cartier-signed pink gold deployment clasp. Now comes the fun part…this watch, while exceedingly rare and unbelievably cool, has a pretty sizable estimate on it.  In fact, it is expected to go between $14,000 and $18,000, which for a vintage ladies watch is…a lot.  That said, if we were looking for something to put on a the wrist of a lady friend, this vintage Cartier would absolutely be at the top of our list.  Click here for details.

We are pushing well over 700 unique posts on and do you know how many of those featured women’s watches? Yup, around 450 of them.  And by 450, we actually mean none of them.  Today marks our first female oriented wristwatch, and it’s honestly just too cool NOT to mention.

Coming from the very same Cartier Dice Watch Replica catalog as the Max Bill X Omega creation is this incredibly rare and unbelievably cool Cartier “Dice” watch. Made in London back in 1970, this small yellow gold square case houses a Jaeger-Lecoultre movement behind that dice-inspired dial.  You’ll notice that the whole Cartier Watch Replica is slightly rotated 45° to make for easier reading.