The Cartier Santos Octagon Replica Watch: Perhaps The Best Value In Rare High-Luxury Sport Watches

The Octagonal case of the Cartier Santos Octagon Replica Watch is one of those watches you just don’t come across often.  It was made in the early 90s in three different sizes, with only the smallest designed to be worn by a woman.  Now both the small (25mm) and medium (29mm) sizes are pretty small by today’s standards, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear them (at least the medium).

We have a huge soft spot for classic stainless steel sport watches.  Forget about all the Rolexes, Omegas, and Cartier Santos Replica we feature, today we are talking about a rarer bird, the real luxury sport watches.  Some of our favorites are the original Patek Philippe Nautilus, the original Audemars Piguet Royal Oak, and the little known Vacheron Constantin 222.  Today we are adding a new piece to this list, the Cartier Santos Octagon.

While we would certainly prefer this Cartier Santos to be a little larger, we can’t deny its looks.  In fact, the screwed-down octagonal bezel reminds us a lot of the original Royal Oak.  The traditional white Cartier roman numeral face is as sharp as ever and this Santos comes on the original Cartier deployment bracelet.

The best part of this find is the price; only 950 euros for a beautiful soon-to-be vintage sport watch from a great company.  While it may be a little small for some of us manly men, it could be a great pick up for someone with a thinner wrist, or even a girlfriend or wife.

Click here for the details of this all original Cartier Replica watch, an afforadble high luxury sport watch.